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Selah Wellness offers boutique and personalised retreats and workshops, located on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. We serve unique experiences for women seeking rest and deep change in their wellbeing.

If you are tired of the hustle, fed up with burnout and deeply wanting to reconnect with you and your health, this is for you. We believe in living full lives from a place of wholeness and overflow.

Come on your own, with a friend or book a spot for your whole team.

Find deep rest.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
"This was such a restful and restorative experience and a great chance to reflect on goals" 
"This was my first time at a health and wellness retreat and I loved it! I got a lot more out of it that I expected and I loved that it wasn't all yoga and breathing workshops like you often see advertised. There was a really good balance between down time and activities and the food was great! I couldn't recommend this experience more highly, I had a great time and walked away relaxed and rejuvenated which is just what I needed with a big few weeks behind me and even bigger few weeks ahead. Thank you so much Selah wellness!"
"I absolutely loved our time away at the retreat. I have come out of the retreat feeling refreshed, having identified areas in my life I would like to work on and how, with better relationships with my colleagues and ready to take on a busy rest of the year with a much more positive outlook. Angela and Brie were the most beautiful hosts and I feel truly blessed that I was able to be part of the retreat. Thank you!"
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