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It's time to live wholeheartedly, imperfectly complete.
 Online 1:1 Wellness Coaching and Counselling


Selah Wellness® serves those who are looking for a holistic approach to life, freedom from overwhelm and burnout. `


If it's your time to be well, we are your next step.

Pause ⋆ Reflect ⋆ Renew

Tired of being Tired?  Break Up with Striving ⋆ Redefine Rest ⋆ Reconnect with Energy

   Our Services   

Counselling with Selah Wellness creates the space to deeply explore your past, present and future with a trusted professional walking by your side. Uncover more about you and bravely take on the things that have been bubbling under the surface for too long. 

Wellness Coaching provides the ideal space for the support, reflection and execution of lifestyle and mindset change. We look at where you are and where you'd like to be. Together map out your path forwards and journey there with a supporting cheerleader by your side.

Download Now: Identifying The
Perfectionism-Burnout Cycle

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Our Team


Angela Pond

Counsellor and Wellness Coach

Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Science), Bachelor of Counselling, Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy (Christian) +


Brielle Gebbett

Wellness Coach and Pilates Instructor

Certified Wellness Coach and Qualified Pilates Instructor, Bachelor of Business (Management), Diploma of Leadership.

Your Wellbeing Matters.

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