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Flowers and Citrus

 Our vision is to provide the spaces and places for individuals to feel safe enough to grapple with the hard stuff. We want to see you released from perfectionism, burn out and step into an energy filled, and sustainable life.

We have a heart for those in and around high performance.

Selah is run by mother and daughter Angela Pond and Brielle Gebbett. 

Selah is the overflow of wanting others not to have to reach burnout to learn to take care of their whole being.

Selah Wellness
offers services primarily online from the Sunshine Coast, Qld. Founded in 2020 with counselling services and expanding to offer wellness coaching, retreats and specific mentoring for families of high performance teens.

Meet The Team

Angela Corporate DSC_9457_edited.jpg

Angela Pond

Co- Founder, Counsellor and Wellness Coach

Angela from an early age has had a natural affinity to the water and competing in state level swimming. Her discovery of  surf lifesaving lead to learning new skills in serving her community with her favourite event the iron-woman race, this love for being active lead to studying Sports Science and eventually working for various physiotherapists in rehabilitation as a masseur. She has 20 years of experience in working with people from children through to the elderly in areas of teaching, coaching and disability support as well as 9 years homeschooling her own three children. The last six years have focussed on her growing her counselling skills and getting her second degree at 49.


Together with her husband Michael and partners they have shared the rapid growth of their pet food company, that has given her understanding into the relational journey  of living with a serial entrepreneur, eventually catching the passion for business herself .


Angela loves to work with people to find the new rituals, rhythms and sacred spaces to heal and rebuild a flourishing life. She desires to see families become resilient in all seasons of life and knows that help during transitional times can make all the difference to the well-being of all family members. She finds her inspiration and renewal in spending time with family, swimming, bush walking and being near or in the ocean.



  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Science)

  • Bachelor of Counselling

  • Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy (Christian)

  • Associate Dip of Health Science (Massage)

  • Diploma of Counselling

  • Wellness Coaching Level 1, 2 & 3

  • Masters Swimming Coach level 1

  • Member of ACA (Australian Counselling Association)

  • Professional Member of HCANZA


Brielle Gebbett

Co- Founder, Pilates Instructor and Wellness Coach

Brie’s passion for health and wellness started during her time training as a teen in Full Time classical ballet. Her ballet career finished up due to burnout and injury. Experiencing the painful side of leaving a career and dream lead to the eventual pursuit of wellbeing away from performance and healing from the experience.

The idea of Selah Wellness led to her study leadership, Pilates and completing a Bachelor of Business (Management). Using the knowledge gained to develop the resources and spaces she needed in the tough seasons of her journey and the preventative support lacking in the high performance  space.


Working with her mum Angela on Selah Wellness weaves together a breadth of experiences within health and wellness. With a focus on delving below the surface and giving people the spaces and skills to build a new foundation to jump from.

Brie finds inspiration and rest by the ocean, obsessing over a new crafting hobby and op-shopping with her husband.


  • Bachelor of Business (Management), QUT

  • Diploma in Leadership, Alphacrucis College

  • Mat Work Pilates instructor, Studio Pilates

  • Reformer Pilates Instructor, Viva Pilates

  • Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching

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