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Where Did My Purpose Go?

Why Living in and Finding Your Purpose Matters

An observation post COVID that I have made is a growing resentment that many feel in the restrictions and commitments that full time jobs demand on our lives. The hustle and busyness just isn't feeling as comfortable as it used to. Often, it is in the selah moments, the times we pause and reflect on life that our eyes can be open to how our work, family and community has been impacting our well-being. 

Looking back, COVID really was a collective pause for all of us. Forcing us to be with our families for greater lengths of time than we may have had before, for many this was not always a positive experience. With some of us finding the people and places you were surrounded by had you living in daily stress. Alternatively for some, it came with a deep sense of relief and gratitude that you had a home you enjoyed and some quiet moments to repair the years of continual demand on your bodies and minds.

For those who loved where they lived, had the space to enjoy their backyards and the people they were spending time with, the thoughts turned to “I could do more of this”. With time and space giving you moments to rediscover those passions you lost sight of. Eventually, when many had to return to their workplace, feelings of being a number in a production line suddenly created growing rumblings of the great resignation. What is clear is that many are no longer satisfied with the status quo and have desire for change... without the certainty on how to create it. 

If you take a moment to look at your own fingerprints and observe that by your very design you are one of a kind, no one sees, feels and thinks the same as you do. There are passions, causes and interests that keep you up at night, thinking of ways to bring change, yet you may find yourself in a system that is perpetuating the problem rather than presenting the solution. Whether that is in education, health care, emergency services, finance or social welfare, you see areas that are broken and not giving people a way out of destructive cycles.

It takes brave individuals to break free from the security of a 'safe' job, to live for something greater.

 Purpose is about realising that you carry a solution to a problem, for others and for yourself. It may require you to wrestle and risk to bring it into the world. To flip the tables on a secure path and step into creating something new. Purpose and passion can be deeply locked within us and can take a wise person to help draw it out of you and walk it out.

If you are feeling stagnant in what you are doing and want to figure out where you can rediscover purpose, it can be beneficial to work through those feelings with someone else. Counselling is not only for the crisis moments in life, but it can be a space to speak about the discontent, where opinions are not given, judgements not made, and advice only given with permission. There are not many who can hold the neutral space for us to process the important and deeply meaningful ways that we desire to live our lives. Are you ready to get brave in 2024 and explore the deeper reasons for being and living at such a time as this.

Selah Team

Find your why?

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