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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Today I woke up reflecting on comments that I received on Facebook on a new profile picture that I uploaded. Plenty of encouraging and kind words. However my conscience was troubled that all was not right and as I have thought more deeply, it is a response to a new era we are entering of what in short is known as A.I. or artificial intelligence. You see my new profile was not created by hours of make up application, hairstyling, purchasing the perfect outfit, finding and paying for a talented photographer and putting aside a whole day. In fact 15 min of uploading 10 average selfie photos and $32 later a AI website produced 50 images that had me looking anywhere between 18 years of age to 60 years old and in a multitude of outfits and hairstyles. I have recently watched Taryn Brunfitt's Embrace Documentary and was reminded of my deeply held value... that our bodies are not a commodity or ornaments, but a vehicle to live out our dreams. Selah Wellness has a value for authenticity and I began to think about this quick short cut I had taken, had I lost something in the process? Instead of capturing the authentic me, the photo editing had removed the unique imprint of my own face to give a polished and airbrushed appearance. It was my daughter Brie who reminded me in her comment "that is not really you Mum". Running a business servicing the health needs of women, I had to ask myself "how can we lead the way in being our authentic selves?" Celebrating uniqueness and becoming the best version of who we are. Let's not underestimate the impact it has had on us when we have been raised in a generation idolising supermodels, comparing ourselves to them. We know that photo editing can do magical work on our appearance, BUT has it deceived us in the reality of how women really look? It is no doubt going to create many ethical decisions on how we best make use of AI technology, for now I am returning to my own selfies and on the look out for a local photographer to capture the real me! Stay real.

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