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Is 'Burnout' Real?

Updated: Apr 29

Burnout has become a term more frequently used in recent years in the mental health space and online. But after a hearing some comments from a speaker at a Christian Entrepreneurs conference I attended recently- I am more than aware that many do not understand burnout or place true significance on its deep and harmful effects. Burnout occurs when the nervous system has been left in an unregulated and vulnerable state for too long. Leaving you overwhelmed, emotionally drained, unable to keep up with life's endless demands and not seeing the way out. It is deep apathy and inability to 'push through'. It is very real.

I approach this topic from two lenses, one where I have experienced moderate burnout myself and the second coming from my time working at a luxury rehabilitation centre and seeing firsthand the heart wrenching aftermath of burnout in the clients there. The attitude of prioritise your work, push through pain and 'grind' culture is effective... until it is not. I can guarantee you those preaching it have not experienced the brutal recovery process from a burnout season.

Working hard is not bad, prioritising work in seasons is not bad, but sharing the message that burnout does not exist because 'you're not a candle' is dangerous and simply untrue.

We need balance. There will be times of extreme out of control busyness; children, work, family, health all play a part. But in almost all seasons you do have the autonomy to choose your wellbeing along with your professional/ business success. We more than ever need an increased understanding that work will always be there, opportunities to spend your energy will always be there... your time and health however will not.

Caring for your whole self isn't a selfish thing, it is a smart business decision. It is a sacrifice that will led to your longevity and a loving act to those around you. Maybe us being candles is a bad example, I much prefer the visual of an oil lamp. For we only burn long as we keep filling up on good oil. Take your time to find what that is for you. I promise it will be worth it.

If you are struggling with burnout or feel you need support in your mental wellbeing, our team is here to help. Book a call with us today.

Another great resource is the book 'Burnout: The secret to solving the stress cycle' by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski.

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