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Selah (Pause)

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Selah Wellness is all about taking time out of your regular week to reflect, renew and grow in your understanding of yourself and your commitment to taking care of your body, soul and spirit. Whether that means making adjustments to your lifestyle that creates a flourishing life through exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and stress management. This November 6-9 we are running our first retreat at a discounted cost to spread the word on the benefits for pausing to take your Wellness Journey at the Frangipani Farm in Diddillibah, QLD. As part of the retreat all food is included in a Wholesome food selection, two wellness coaching sessions, 2 mindfulness sessions, morning and evening exercise. There will also be an opportunity to purchase massage therapy treatment, details included in purchase of retreat package. This is a limited offer for the end of 2020, so get in quick to secure your place.

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