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Unconventional Pathways

Last week my husband and I had the honour of celebrating our daughter and business partner Brielle achieve her Bachelor in Business Degree at QUT. Her journey to this point was definitely one filled with variety! For Brie it included 2.5 years at a Montessori School, 1 term homeschooling, 3 terms at the local Preschool, 6 years homeschooling again, 2 years and 3 terms at a private Anglican Girls School, 3 years of full time ballet school while either doing distance education or homeschooling. And after choosing to not complete Yr 12 , she was able to get into university through completing a Diploma in Leadership at a bible college. Now a university graduate with a Bachelors degree in business!

All this to say that our experience as a family has been to challenge conventional pathways of education with a lot of experimentation and as a family choosing to lift pressure of the outcomes of your life being based on the Yr 12 exams. What we have valued is each of our children discovering their unique talents and the best ways they learn. If there is anything that I have gained through this journey it is understanding the role of anxiety in learning for both students and parents. I am currently enjoying working with parents who are homeschooling their children, coaching them to a greater levels of confidence and creativity. You don’t need to be in a crisis situation to reach out for help, in fact coaching can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls and pain you may not be aware you are headed for.

Are you ready? Start your adventure today.

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