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What is Wellness Coaching and How is it Different from Counselling?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

What does wellness look like to you? Most people have an idea of where they would like to be and what need to change to get there. However, there exists a gap between the two. Wellness Coaching closes that gap!

Wellness Coaching is a partnership, a collaboration between you and your coach. Identifying your current strengths, mapping a vision for the future and developing a strategy on the how to get there. This includes building confidence, identifying and overcoming areas of resistance in a step-by-step approach. From stress management to healthy habits, wellness coaching is the support to take the first step and the encouragement to keep going.

How you utilize your wellness coaching sessions is completely up to you the individual. After your initial session, we have weekly, fortnightly and monthly follow ups available to keep building your momentum in making permanent changes towards reaching your goals.

How is Wellness Coaching Different from Counselling?

The focus of wellness coaching is to identify where you are in your current physical health and where you want to be in the future. Counselling will take a broader approach of looking at your mental well being, emotional, spiritual and the physical health. Again, it is a partnership with you the client in identifying what area you would like to work on. Counselling however dives a little deeper. Exploring your self understanding, to equip you with new skills to manage problems and resolve past emotional wounds that may be hindering you. We work together towards experiencing the mental and emotional well being that you desire. This can also include Family Therapy, where relationships need healing and restoration, to flourish.

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